zenmate vpn

Rating 8 / 10

  • Jurisdiction: Germany
  • 3rd Party Audits: No
  • Servers Network: 3,600 servers in 74 countries
  • Streaming: Yes
  • P2P & Torrenting: Yes
  • Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • Best price: 18 months, $2.22 /mo



Nowadays many people have privacy concerns when using the internet. If you’re one of them, you should consider a VPN to protect your data.

In this ZenMate VPN review, we’ll look at the service’s security and what it offers to users. Keep reading to learn if ZenMate is right for you

ZenMate Review


ZenMateVPN is a virtual private network with servers all over the world. It’s compatible with a variety of devices, and there are plans for any budget.

If you’re looking to try a VPN, ZenMate is a good option. It has all of the features you could need to protect your data while browsing online. You can unblock almost any website, and it will encrypt your data.

The VPN lets you hide your IP address, so you can browse the web without revealing your location or other private information.


ZenMate operates under German jurisdiction, which has a Federal Data Protection Agency. The agency works with local organizations in Germany to protect internet users.

Germany has a long history of working to protect consumer data with measures starting in the 1960s. The country has laws to regulate the use of consumer data for commercial gain.

Whether you’re in Germany, the European Union or on the other side of the world, you can enjoy the safety and security of German privacy laws with ZenMateVPN.


ZenMateVPN lays out all of its features and benefits on their website. They explain how everything works, and they offer a free trial.

The company has a support base and a VPN academy where you can learn about using their VPN. If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, you can contact ZenMate before you sign up, and they can answer your questions.

What Devices Does ZenMate VPN Support?

zenmatevpn devices

ZenMateVPN supports browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It also works with Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. You can even use it with Android TV or your Amazon Fire TV.

ZenMate VPN Browser Extensions

zenmate chrome vpn

You can download ZenMate to your browser as long as you use Firefox, Chrome or Edge. All ZenMate plans let you use the browser extension, so it’s a great option if you don’t want to download a VPN to your computer.

Advanced ZenMate VPN Features

While you can benefit from the ZenMate browser extensions, there are some advanced features only available on the more advanced plans. All of the plans have a 100 percent no-logs policy, which means they won’t track your data.

The paid plans offer over 74 server locations, and they have unlimited speed. However, the free plan only has 4 locations and up to 2 MB per second.

Paid options offer Smart Locations, unlimited browsers or devices and no ads. They also have personal support and service optimization. The Ultimate plan also supports P2P and torrent, and it uses OpenVPN.

Is ZenMate VPN Fast?

ZenMate Pro for Browsers and ZenMate Ultimate are both fast VPN plans. They don’t have any maximum speed caps, so you can browse as fast as you would without a VPN.

The free plan is fast enough for basic web browsing, but it can be too slow for watching or streaming videos. For example, streaming sites like Netflix need at least 15 to 25 Mbps per second to work well.

If you want to play online games, you’ll need at least 40 to 100 Mbps per second. So unless you only use the internet for emails and Facebook, consider upgrading to one of the paid plans.

Servers and Locations ZenMate VPN Offers

ZenMate offers 3,700 servers across over 74 countries. They have servers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and more.

Whether you want to access content from your country or in another country, you can use ZenMate VPN. For example, if you’re in the US and want to watch Canadian shows, you can choose a Canadian server.

Then, your device will take on a Canadian IP address, and you’ll be able to access the shows you want to watch.

Is ZenMate VPN Good to Unblock Streaming Services?

ZenMateVPN is an excellent choice if you want to unblock streaming services in other countries. You can access services such as:

zenmate unblock streaming

The VPN offers access to plenty of other streaming services. You can watch local shows without exposing your data, but you can access streaming services from across the world.

Does ZenMate VPN Support Torrent and P2P File Sharing?

ZenMateVPN supports torrent and P2P sharing on the Ultimate Plan. You can use the plan to share your data safely with your friends or coworkers.

If your primary reason for getting a VPN is torrent and P2P sharing, you’ll enjoy ZenMate VPN. However, you can also take advantage of the other features that the Ultimate plan has.

ZenMate VPN Free

zenmate vpn free

Whether you’re new to VPNs or just want basic protection, you can look at the free plan from ZenMate VPN. The free tier offers protection with a browser extension, so you can use it while you’re online.

As a free option, it does have some speed and server access restrictions. However, it’s a great way to test out ZenMate VPN. If you want faster speeds or access to other servers, you can upgrade at any time.

What Is the Price of ZenMate VPN?

zenmatevpn price

ZenMate VPN paid plans cost from $2 to $11 per month. The monthly rate is higher for a shorter plan, and it decreases as you lengthen your contract.

You can get ZenMate VPN for up to 18 months, and you can save as much as 80 percent. If you know you want to use a VPN for years to come, you should invest in a long term plan for your safety and to save money.


ZenMateVPN is a strong contender in a VPN world. In this ZenMate VPN review, we looked at the plans it offers and the location of its many servers. We covered its ability to stream media and use torrents.

If you’re looking for a versatile VPN, consider ZenMate. You can start out with the free tier or a trial, and you can upgrade once you know it suits your needs.