goose vpn

Rating 6 / 10

  • Jurisdiction: Netherlands
  • 3rd Party Audits: No
  • Servers Network: 60 servers in 30 countries
  • Streaming: Yes
  • P2P & Torrenting: Yes
  • Browser Extensions: Chrome
  • Best price: €139 Lifetime Account



GOOSE VPN isn’t new to the internet privacy world. This company is well-respected, and it has thousands of users all around the world. 

It’s clean, simple to use, and most importantly, efficient. In this GOOSE VPN review, we’ll discuss how it works, the browser extensions available, its servers and locations, and, of course, the advanced features that make GOOSE VPN stand out. 


goose vpn about

GOOSE VPN is a Dutch virtual private network (VPN) service that prides itself on a multitude of offerings. It allows users to connect an unlimited number of devices, use public Wi-Fi safely, protect their data, avoid being logged by websites, and shop smarter.

GOOSEVPN is a reliable, clear cut VPN that does exactly what you expect it to do. You’ll be able to browse and download safely, thanks to its next level encrypting and no-logs policy.

How GOOSE VPN Operates

Even if you feel safe online, chances are, you’re not — especially when you’re using public Wi-Fi networks. That’s where GOOSE VPN comes in. GOOSE VPN works by providing you with an online VPN connection that protects your data by using a local IP address. This service makes sure your connection is safe and encrypts your data.

GOOSEVPN is an excellent option for those who are new to using a VPN. That’s because this service gives users everything they need without overcomplicating things. GOOSE’s interface is sleek and clean — simple to use and access. Nothing feels out of place as you navigate this VPN service.


As far as GOOSE VPN’s transparency goes, its OpenVPN is what allows you to connect to various devices safely. It’s an open-source solution whose code is public. That means any potential vulnerabilities can be sought out and resolved quickly.

It also relies on OpenSSL, which uses encryption to make your connections safe.

What Devices Does GOOSE VPN Support?

goosevpn apps

GOOSEVPN is compatible with all devices. On mobile, you’ll be able to use it on both Apple and Android products, Mac OS, Linux, Windows, routers, and Android TV.

The best part? There’s no limit to how many devices you can connect and use at a time

Browser extensions

goose vpn chrome

GOOSE VPN does offer a browser extension for Google Chrome, too. 

GOOSE VPN Features

Though GOOSEVPN is similar to many other VPN services, there are a few features that make it stand out from the others. 

Public Wi-Fi protection

If you use public Wi-Fi often, GOOSE VPN might be a desirable choice for you. This service, in particular, protects you when you use public Wi-Fi. Although others can see when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network, they won’t be able to see anything you do, since GOOSE has secure encryption. 

You’ll be able to reroute your internet traffic within a strongly encrypted tunnel, protecting your identity, data, and information. 

Unlimited devices

Arguably the best part of a GOOSEVPN subscription is the fact that you can use it with as many devices as you want, simultaneously. Many VPN companies only allow you to use a certain number of devices per subscription. 

So, if you have multiple devices and are looking for a comprehensive VPN plan for you, GOOSE might be your answer.

Unmatched customer service

It doesn’t matter if you’re a VPN novice or an expert — GOOSE VPN’s customer support team is more than qualified to help with whatever issues you’re facing.  

Although this company doesn’t offer support via telephone, GOOSE VPN really doesn’t need to. You’ll be able to reach out via email whenever you need it. The response times are pretty impressive, too, so you won’t be waiting for long. 

The only feature GOOSEVPN seems to be missing is a kill switch. For those who aren’t familiar, a kill switch is a tool that protects your identity and information should your VPN connection drop. If it drops, you might no longer be anonymous, and your IP address could be exposed. 

However, GOOSE is working on a solution to this problem, so perhaps we won’t have to wait long for a kill switch. 


goose vpn servers

You won’t be disappointed with GOOSE VPN’s connection speeds. Mobile speeds are virtually unmatched. Although there’s the potential for some drops when downloading or uploading on a desktop, it’s not much of a hindrance. 

How Many Servers and Locations Does GOOSE VPN Offer?

Although some VPN services have hundreds of servers, that’s not the case with GOOSE VPN. GOOSE has about 60 servers with 60 IP addresses, strewn across a little more than 30 countries. 

Although there are other VPN services that offer more extensive servers, spread over more countries, GOOSEVPN is still a viable option for novices and experts of VPN alike.

Streaming Services

GOOSE VPN can unblock many of the leading streaming services. You’ll be able to access Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu, although BBC iPlayer usually won’t work. All in all, GOOSEVPN is a good option for those looking to stream video fast and bypass geo-blocked content. 

GOOSEVPN does support both torrents and P2P file sharing, too. 

What Will GOOSE VPN Cost Me?

goosevpn pricing

GOOSEVPN has a handful of payment plans that vary based on the duration of your subscription. Currently, GOOSE VPN’s best deal is a one-time purchase for a lifetime subscription. That comes out to be €139, which is pretty incredible. 

vpn lifetime account

However, there are other plans, all of which are unlimited. For the one-month subscription, you’ll pay €12.99 every month. For the one-year subscription, you’ll pay €4.99 every month. Lastly, for a two-year subscription, you’ll pay €2.99 every month. 

The Bottom Line

GOOSE VPN is an excellent choice, no matter what your experience with VPN is. The only real downsides to GOOSE are the lack of a kill switch and the fact that there are not as many servers available. 

However, GOOSE’s distinct features — its support for torrents and P2P file sharing, streaming capabilities, and public Wi-Fi protection — outshine the few downsides it does have.