Rating 5 / 10

  • Jurisdiction: Seychelles
  • 3rd Party Audits: No
  • Servers Network: 150+ servers in 30 countries
  • Streaming: Yes
  • P2P & Torrenting: Yes
  • Browser Extensions: No
  • Best price: 2 years plan, $2.08 /mo



Today, it’s more important than ever to protect your online activities from prying eyes with questionable intentions. What you do online is between you and your computer, and if you’d like to keep it that way, you’ll want to invest in a VPN.

There are seemingly hundreds of different VPN providers available, making it challenging to figure out which VPN offers the most secure services with the smallest impact on your internet speed. In our FrootVPN review, we’ll take a closer look at this popular VPN service to see if it’s a strong fit. 

FrootVPN Review

froot vpn

FrootVPN is a popular VPN service by Edelino Commerce, the same parent company behind VPNTunnel. This affordable VPN provides a sleek interface and robust security protocols to keep your internet activity private and secure.


Like Edelino Commerce’s other VPN products, FrootVPN is based out of the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean with favorable privacy laws. The country’s constitution guarantees the right to privacy. 

If you’re most significant VPN concern is privacy, FrootVPN may be a solid choice for you based on the location of the parent company.


Froot VPN makes its position clear on several pages of their website. Virtually nothing is logged concerning user information or activities. The only logs FrootVPN keeps are the amount of data transferred and the number of simultaneous connections from your account.

It’s difficult to vet these claims because FrootVPN has never been externally audited, or if they have, they’ve never publicly released the results. 

While there’s no evidence of any nefarious actions on behalf of FrootVPN or it’s parent company, Edelino Commerce, the parent website is so outdated and poorly designed that it gives serious pause about doing business with one of the VPNs they own. The site doesn’t have a valid security certificate, they have virtually no social media presence, and they don’t make much effort to inspire trust from their users.

What Devices Does FrootVPN Support

FrootVPN supports various devices, including Windows and Apple computers, Android, iOS, and even less popular operating systems like Linux. Unfortunately, the only dedicated app they have is for Windows, and all other users must manually configure their VPN using a variety of protocols. 

While you can run Froot VPN on practically any device, the manual setup may give newbies pause, as it does require a bit of know-how to configure. Fortunately, there are some easy to follow videos online, which make the connection process much easier. 

FrootVPN Browser Extensions

While many top VPNs offer browser extensions for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, FrootVPN does not. Browser extensions would be an excellent addition to their product offering. We’d like first to see them create applications for devices beyond Windows PC. 

FrootVPN Features

frootvpn features

While FrootVPN may lack apps for many popular devices, it provides some advanced features absent from other VPNs. 

FrootVPN offers bulletproof 2048-bit encryption, which is considerably higher than the industry-standard 256-bit encryption standard. Their Windows platform also comes with a killswitch, a popular feature for torrent and peer-sharing enthusiasts. Users connecting to servers in Sweden will also enjoy no NAT, which is a security feature that is absent from most VPNs. 

Is FrootVPN Fast?

FrootVPN’s speeds are entirely serviceable, and they’re on par with the speed tests from most other major VPN services. While the speeds aren’t necessarily fast, they’re fast enough to browse, stream, and download without any major lagging or buffering issues.

FrootVPN Server Location and Quantity

FrootVPN provides plenty of servers in diverse locations, with 150 plus servers in over 30 different countries. This server quantity is about average for most VPN services, and virtually all users will find that they have no trouble finding and connecting to an appropriate server.

Unblock Content on Digital Streaming Providers

frootvpn unblock content

FrootVPN’s website clarifies that its VPN service will allow for unrestricted streaming from all of the most popular DSPs, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the case. 

While we didn’t run into any issues connecting to Netflix, which is usually one of the more difficult streaming services to skirt restrictions on; unfortunately, other streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video did not work when using FrootVPN. If your primary focus is to watch restricted streaming content, Froot VPN may not be a wise choice. 

Does FrootVPN Support P2P Sharing and Torrenting?

Froot VPN is one of the best services for peer sharing enthusiasts. Virtually all of their servers allow for P2P sharing, and with state-of-the-art 2048-bit encryption and a built-in killswitch function for Windows devices, FrootVPN is one of the best options for torrent enthusiasts. 

What is the Price of FrootVPN?

One of the most attractive features of FrootVPN is its pricing. Froot VPN is available for as low as $2.99 a month when you sign up for a year. Unlike most providers that charge somewhere in the realm of $9.99 for customers on a month-to-month basis, FrootVPN’s monthly subscription is only $4.99.

If you’re unsure if you’re willing to commit to a longer-term, FrootVPN’s monthly arrangement is one of the most affordable options for browsing, streaming, and download security. 

This VPN service doesn’t offer a free trial. Instead they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. 

Final Word

FrootVPN is a reasonably strong competitor in the VPN space with an attractive pricing structure. They also have robust security protocols that far surpass the industry standards and a clear no-log policy. This makes our FrootVPN review a positive one.

The most disappointing aspect of FrootVPN is its inability to unlock many popular streaming services that restrict content regionally. For users who aren’t focused on streaming, FrootVPN could be a solid choice.