Rating 7 / 10

  • Jurisdiction: Seychelles
  • 3rd Party Audits: No
  • Servers Network: 150 servers in 34 countries
  • Streaming: Yes
  • P2P & Torrenting: Yes
  • Browser Extensions: Chrome
  • Best price: 2 years plan for $2.87 /mo



When it comes to protecting your privacy online, Anonine is one of the easiest (if not the easiest) to use. If you’re considering a VPN, our Anonine review should help you decide.

We’re going to be discussing the company and how its services operate, what devices are supported, and of course, any noteworthy features that are worth mentioning.

Anonine VPN Review

anonine review

Anonine is a VPN company that was founded in Sweden 11 years ago. Its highest priority? Secure, unmatched encryption. AnonineVPN prides itself on growing alongside the most recent technologies and advancing its own features for the benefit of users.

How Anonine Operates

what is a vpn

Put in plain English, AnonineVPN is a service that allows you to surf the web in private, without being spied on by any 3rd parties. Your traffic and data are totally hidden, so you won’t have to worry about privacy.

Anonine transferred the company to an offshore jurisdiction. In other words, this lets Anonine offer its users protection in both the digital sphere and the world of law. 


For those who value their privacy — the vast majority of VPN users — they’ll be able to rest assured knowing Anonine adheres to a rigid “no logging” policy. This VPN service not only doesn’t log your activities online, but it also doesn’t ask its users for any personal information, which puts many VPN users at ease. 

What Devices Does Anonine Support?


Like other VPN services, Anonine supports a plethora of devices. As far as VPN apps go, Anonine supports Mac iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and routers. Anonine also has mobile apps available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Browser extensions

anonine vpn chrome

So far, Anonine only has one primary browser extension, and that’s for Google Chrome. This extension is available for download on the Google Play Store.

Anonine Features

So, what separates it from other VPN services? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. 

Strong encryption

With AnonineVPN, you’re getting more than merely an anonymous VPN tunnel. Its encryption is what lets you (securely) surf the web when it usually wouldn’t be safe to do so. For example, when you’re using a 4G mobile connection or a public Wi-Fi network where anyone can see that you’re using it. 

Port forwarding

AnonineVPN also offers its customers port forwarding. If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, it has a host of benefits. First, it gives you remote access to services within your local area network (LAN). It also helps speed along P2P file sharing and can provide you a better overall gaming experience if you’re an online gamer. 

Put another way, you’ll stay safe behind Anonine’s firewall while still being able to experience the internet through a port designed for that purpose. And of course, any traffic that comes through the forwarded port will stay encrypted. 

No logging

Unlike some VPN services, Anonine has a strict no-logging policy with respect to its customers. Anonine doesn’t keep browsing histories or connection logs from any of its users, so your internet activity is truly private with this VPN.

WireGuard protocol

wireguard vpn protocol

If you’re familiar with VPN, you probably have heard of OpenVPN. Well, Anonine’s WireGuard protocol is similar. However, WireGuard can provide users with a less overwhelming, quicker, and more secure web surfing experience than OpenVPN.

Public IP

public ip

Although this is specific to Sweden, it’s interesting to note that Anonine serves public IP addresses in that country for free. Public IP addresses can make P2P connections and online gaming more successful.

How Fast Is Anonine?

anonine servers

Although it’s likely there are other VPN services that are faster, Anonine’s speeds are nothing to sneeze at. You’ll be able to download, upload, and torrent at an excellent pace. AnonineVPN gets you where you need to get efficiently and quickly. 

Torrents and P2P file sharing

AnonineVPN also supports torrents and P2P file sharing, which work even better thanks to its fast speeds. If you’re an online gamer, this might be a good choice for that reason as well. 

How Many Servers and Locations Does Anonine Offer?

AnonineVPN has more than 100 VPN servers in around 56 locations globally. Each server is monitored so as to provide only the best service while still preventing potential overload during peak times of use. 

Anonine and Streaming Services

For those who prefer to use VPN services for streaming purposes, you’ll be satisfied with Anonine. This company provides its users with unblocked access to many of the primary streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. 

How Much Does Anonine Cost?


Like most other VPN services, Anonine offers its customers a handful of pricing plans that vary based on the length of the subscription. Anonine’s best deal is the 24-month subscription, coming in at $2.87 per month. 

However, Anonine also offers customers a choice of a 12-month subscription for $3.99 per month or a 1-month subscription for $6.99 per month. 

Regardless of what payment plan and subscription you choose, you’ll reap the same benefits as every other Anonine user. You won’t have to worry about logging or being forced to give your name. You can enjoy 10 connections with devices, all at the same time. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Anonine’s unlimited bandwidth without having to concern yourself with throttling. 

In addition to that, you’ll have torrent, streaming, and P2P network support, as well as Anonine’s military-grade encryption. 

Final Thoughts

Sure, AnonineVPN isn’t perfect — after all, what VPN service is? But Anonine is an excellent option for novices especially to sink their teeth into. It’s simple to sign up and set up on your devices, too.

Anonine has everything a beginner VPN user could want: port forwarding, no logging ever, unrivaled military-grade encryption, and its WireGuard protocol. And while more experienced VPN users could also be happy with an Anonine subscription, there are other VPN services that might be more well-suited for those who are very familiar with VPN.